Is it not worthwhile asking, what does the common man want of a hospital? The society comprises of haves and have nots. Many many are still poor judging by their standard of living and educational status. They can’t be rudely pushed to other hospitals when they come to us with hope written on their faces. So then, it becomes the responsibility of a middle level hospital like AGH, who cares for the middle and the lower middle class people with the modern facilities like high standard surgical theaters, well equipped ICCU and also personnel who are adequately trained to face emergencies. And all this would cost! We have to some how balance budgets to accommodate the essential facilities and also not let the lower middle class feel squeezed. AGH has managed this balancing act well. It has the mental makeup to give when necessary, unhesitantly. Coffers don’t fill but hearts do with the gratitude and the goodwill of the public.

And thankfully we are not poorer by our gesture.

Dr. A Gajanan Rao