Gajanan Hospitals Pvt Ltd

(erstwhile AG Hospital)

A small corporative hospital with a truly large heart.
Cost Effective and Equitable Health Care.

Established in 1979, AG Hospital has been serving the public for more than three decades, on a road laid with compassion, trust, ethics and ardent dedication towards the service and science of medicine. It is heart-warming to feel the growth in our service that started with our neighbourhood during our days of inception, to a far more regional presence in and around Tambaram. Our earnest desire to serve the public, right from the beginning, saw the hospital evolve into a 100 bedded multi-specialty facility under the corporate name Gajanan Hospitals Pvt Ltd, equipped with the state of the art technology and specialists in practically every discipline. Firmly rooted in the trust of hundreds of thousands of people, well-wishers and the medical fraternity, Gajanan Hospitals has branched out in practically every area of healthcare and provide comfort and solace to thousands of patients who come under its shelter. We have four medical centres in and around Tambaram.

Preventive Care

Alteration in lifestyle and rising healthcare costs are forcing people to pay more attention to preventing diseases, hence a shift in the concept of healthcare from curative-oriented to prevention-oriented. We at Gajanan Hospitals sincerely follow the age-old measures of ‘prevention is better than cure’, by which, one can reduce the chances of contracting a disease. The need of the how is to make disease prevention a habit, and practice it in all spheres of life. In order to make this happen, we carry out dedicated efforts in

  • Patient Education
  • Creating Social Awareness about healthy living
  • Breastfeeding Campaigns
  • Vaccination programs
  • Growth Monitoring in children
  • Family Planning
  • Master Health Schemes etc.

Advanced Technology

We employ latest technology to supplement clinical acumen in diagnosing patient’s ailments. We have state of the art critical care unit with ventilators and operating rooms.

Complete Healthcare Solutions

We practise concept of Family Medicine devoted to comprehensive healthcare of entire family. We aim to provide continuing and holistic medical care to entire family across all ages, diseases and parts of body. Patients who need advanced care are referred to specialists of concerned field for further management.